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Privacy Notice

At, we respect your privacy. We have important information to collect and understand your personal information. This argument is our privacy and durability, and we are collecting obligation to accumulate information.

Automatic data collection
The IP address is automatically sent to the browser, etc. Because of the nature of the specific information, I am using the Internet. Part of the reason for further development of our information is to gather pure statistics. According to these statistics, we will create actions on the site, not your personal information. All messages sent will also send similar messages together. This information will not be saved.

personal information
We will never ask buyers to search, network, to purchase information about some details. There are information such as shipping address, storage location, redisplay, but this information can not be accessed by anyone.

To purchase, you need to enable cookies in your browser. However, you do not need to simply browse the site. All personal information stored in cookies is a unique identifier for us. Due to the nature of the location, this information will not be disclosed to third parties. If you are on a shared computer, such as an internet cafe or a library, we will log off and / or Zodee Club if you delete your privacy to each cookie It is recommended.

Use of personal information
We have strictly kept secrets from you and gathered information. In addition to listed below, we disclose, transfer, sell, lend, disclose, share, or license to a third party, if we are not expressly consented to you, to us I can not give personal information.

The exceptions are as follows.
If there is a reason to believe that disclosure is to prevent threats to life and health.

Therefore, Sdn Bhd is obliged to legally provide information.

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