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Shipping & Returns

UPS Express Monday to Friday. Delivery times may change in both morning and afternoon. You can deliver by destination on Saturday. If the customer does not have delivery, the messenger leaves a delivery notice and the package is waiting for the delivery point. Express is the second delivery attempt. If the game fails, the customer contacts you. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that phone numbers provided by family members and mobile phones are accurate, that communication is fast and that complaints can be effectively resolved.

Notify customers quickly via e-mail delivery status. This service is used when the correct order process is filled in the automatic e-mail address field. Since the courier does not satisfy the delivery, we recommend not to include the post office box in the address bar.

Destination and weight of package / according to the amount of shipping cost of the country. You can check the total amount before order confirmation.

Delivery date
The sequence of the packaging process is recorded 24 hours after the start. From that moment, work will be carried out in Europe 48 to 72 hours, in EU countries more than 3 days. Because the project has temporarily ordered or because it is force majeure, the courier producer (EPI SRL will not be held responsible) can postpone matters concerning work. If this is the case, if you work after 8 days (except Saturday and Sunday) please contact our customer service

In the case of shipment of national tax, customs duty tax, non-EU income tax asset. The surcharge must be clearly sealed. All payees will pay a fee.

Delivery + merit + statement of product gap: the customer may refuse to provide the goods or for any reason (repeated at the wrong address or recipient's phone number, for other reasons, the recipient does not exist) If not, the following fee will not be charged for returns. The total amount will not be charged to the recipient. Only the value of the item will be refunded.

Tariffs and taxes may vary by country depending on the product. For details on obligations and claims, please contact the customs authorities.

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